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Term paper – Essay Example

Currently, technology has developed to invent mobile phones which can access any information with convenience. As a result of easy access to information, there has been significant change in how people view information.

The use of internet has not only made life more convenient but also changed the entire world. The network has become a major platform of mainstream media unlike previously when the media was just newspapers, televisions, and radio. The network has facilitated saving of resources besides availing more information in less time. Today, more and more people are able connect to people from across the world through social networks. Numerous social platforms have emerged with Facebook being the most famous. Facebook has evolved since its creation in 2004 by Zuckerburg, to become party of people’s daily lives. People access the application through laptops, computers, iPad, and smartphones. Through this application an individual can publish their real names, images, emails, relationship status, as well as birthdays. Various people have understand privacy in varying perspectives, particularly the youth. Most young people have an immature and incomplete understanding of the world.

Currently, the main challenge that needs to be addressed is whether the online article about Facebook has an impact on college students’ understanding on personal confidentiality problem. Facebook offers a great platform that allows individuals to interact with more people online as well as know themselves better. However, sometimes too much personal details are exposed to the public. This excessive exposure results to too many negative consequences. Although the laws stipulates the right to freedom of expression, instances of cyber bullying, phishing, as well as, malicious slanders have increased at an alarming rate in people’s daily lives. These consequences will normally emerge since the application user’s privacy is not adequately

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